Data Protection Policy

As part of organising the Trent River Big Band we will gain access to contact data on band members and also on those who have contacted us and otherwise given us their data. We will keep this information secure and will not give this information to third parties. 


We may collect information about band members and musicians who play with us and we may share their contact information with other band members to help organise rehearsals, gigs etc. and to communicate with each other to help promote the success of the band. 

We may also collect information from members of the audience who attend some of our concerts or events, or from those buying tickets or enquiring about events, or taking part in raffles or other competitions organised by TRBB. We may use this information to contact you to inform you about coming events in which TRBB are performing and which may be of interest you. We would expect you to receive only a very few emails each year. 


If you want us to amend this information or do not want us to retain some this information please contact us via the "Bookings" tab and we will amend or delete our records as appropriate.