Upcoming events:

TRBB have a variety of events that offer a brilliant night for all audiences. If you want to Waltz, Foxtrot, Quickstep or Jive the night away then look no further than one of our dances. If you want a night where you sit back and enjoy the sound of the Big Band from the comfort of a theatre chair - try one of our concerts throughout the year. More dates are coming soon, could one of them be yours?

Bridge Centre Concert - Concert - 17th May 2019

Friday 17th May 2019  - The Bridge Centre - Tickets on sale now!! Back by popular demand - the band love to play here and tickets will go quickly. This is a great club and it will be a fantastic event. £10 per ticket.

Tickets available through the bookings page and also by contacting Simon on 07738110366

Audley Theatre - The Big Christmas One - 7th December 2019

Saturday 7th December 2019 - Book tickets in advance for next Year! This concert kick starts Christmas and it is always a sell-out! Put this in your diary now and book your tickets early to avoid disappointment. Please contact Chris Weatherby at chris@trbb.co.uk to book tickets.

Tickets available through the enquiries page on the website.

Private Function - Wedding Reception - August 2020

Please feel free to contact Jane Olphin through the website to enquire about bringing TRBB to make your special day even more memorable with our ballroom, big band and party sets.

More dates coming soon!